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Project Description:

Getfacts is a tool for exploring and downloading Wisconsin demographic data and shapefiles at a range of geographic scales.  To start using GetFacts, click here

 wi  Interactive data mapping with user customizable colors and value ranges

report A variety of preformatted, and geographically detailed demographic profiles.

scatter   Dynamically linked two-variable scatter plot tool

download  Data and geographic boundary download functions

pyramid  Population pryamid generator



We are continuing to add new data and new features, so please check back periodically for updates.

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Please note: We make all efforts to ensure the accuracy of the data provided. In some cases, complete data may not be available. The site is under ongoing development, and it is possible there may be mistakes or omissions.

We appreciate your citing the source when sharing data or maps from this website:
Getfacts. Applied Population Lab, University of Wisconsin - Madison. Date.

This project is supported by the Applied Population Lab and UW-Extension.
Project coordinators: Jim Beaudoin & Dan Veroff
Website designer: James Beaudoin

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